Friday, October 31, 2008

5 scariest horror movie monsters

In honor of this our O hallow's eve I thought we go through a list of those who really do haunt our nightmares.

5. The bat creatures from the descent- Granted they were the most ridiculous looking but when your trapped down in a dark cave with creatures who look like them and are bred like animals that sends a chill up your spine. Especially the seen where we first get a look at these things and really see them as the demons in our heads. What makes them the best though if usually in horror movies someone is in a place they've been before so they have the upperhand, a house, manison, someplace they wandered into previously in the film, in the cave though these guys are all the advantages. No cops to call for help this time ladies.

4. Zombies from 28 days later- Before zombies we're slow, easily escapable as long as you knew how to stroll, and we're easily outwitted, than came Danny Boyle to put the fear of god into you about these things. Not only could they move but they could move a lot faster than you. There was no waltzing for these creatures they moved like packs of wolves only a like more terrifying to look at. It took a good long time before someone finally came up with the idea of giving them all the advantages such as speed, endurance, and being completely ruthless. Don't believe me? Watch the first 8 minutes of 28 weeks later, you'll have nightmares forever.

3. Michael Meyers- He is the original. Before anyone got hip to the serial killer movie Meyers was there to really give you a freight. What made him the best was that we never really saw his face, he looked like a college kid out for Halloween, who just happened to be a psychotic murderer with a big butcher knife. Best thing is that he seems almost inhuman throughout the film, where countless other serial killers now seem to have this power we don't know how they come back till the next film, in this one we see Michael stabbed, shot and tossed off a 3 story house onto his back and someone get up like nothing ever happened. How do you stop something that you don't ever understand? As they say in the film...He was the boogie man

2. Jigsaw- Psychosis is easily the horror movie's favorite character trait. But where Jigsaw differs is he takes people who are already kind of scum bags, alcoholic fathers, scum bag detectives, husbands who choose to cheat other than fix their family. Where he reallys makes us churn is that he feels what he does is right, he doesn't laugh or smile when he does it as if he is having fun like many others, he as a look as if this needs to be done, like this is a job and he's the top salesman. This is where his fear is, is looking at him wondering why he keeps going why he has to go so far and feel nothing? To be able to kill, torture, and invoke so much pain in people and seem to get nothing out of it, is really something horrible behind your dead eyes. I mean come on Hitler had it.

1. The Joker- I know I know he's not a horror movie icon but he damn well should be. The Joker is the opposite of Jigsaw which is that he enjoys what he does, he does it for no good reason, and where Jigsaw has been hurt and you can see pain The Joker feels nothing, there's no way to beat him or injure him. The scene in the Dark Knight where he takes the fake Batman and teases him before he dies is terrifying because we don't see anything only hear the glee and charm in the Joker's voice while his poor victim knows he is about to die. There's no good guy coming to save this man, their's no way to beat the villian he is smart, ruthless, and without a purpose. Sometimes thats the worst one, how do you stop someone when there is nothing you can really do? How do you beat someone who wants to be beaten? How do you gain victory when he plays everyone like a game of cards and still comes out on top... Thats fear is when no matter what the good guy can't win.

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