Thursday, October 23, 2008

Best show on television. (ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX)

Well Arrested Development is off the air so that cancels that out, but it woulda been a one sided fight anyway if it were still on.

Well let's face it on basic cable their is really nothing that interesting to watch, House is pretty much the exact same show since it started. Cop shows these days multiply like Irish bunnies after a keggar, and sitcoms are about as dead as Reagan. But alas there is a bit of hope, NBC show how managed to scrounge together a line up of 4 shows still worth watching. The Office, Scrubs, My name is Earl, and 30 rock. But which is truly the best??

This is a tie for best written characters and like ability and interest and realism the award goes hands dow to the office. The characters on this show could very possibly be people we actually might know in this dull world of cubicles and salesman. It really is worth watching above anything else.

But funniest? Ladies and gentlemen the funniest show on television now is.....drum roll.....
30 rock. You may be shocked but trust me it really is. Where the office is hysterical it still as it's miss episodes that make you go... "oh well that was um...enteraining" Not many but they have had their view. 30 rock so far always had something clever and really very funny, and Tina Fey is one hell of a great writer. I am not a usual fan of female comedians because they are usually straight men or don't want to be too silly cause is un femine. Tina does not have this problem she has no trouble making herself look foolish, goofy, dumb, and odd. All the ingridients needed to make a very funny star.

And the rest? I don't have time to type all the great gags and hysterical lines or characters but come on...Alec Baldwin pretending to be Tracy Morgrans father by acting like Red Foxx, Tracy Morgrans video for werewolf bar mitz vah, the page off, the rural juror, Kenneth's party???? This show isn't as realistic or humbling as the office but it is sure as fuck the funniest show on television. Don't believe me? Pick an episode and laugh your ass off.

I know some of you are dismayed at why not scrubs or earl? While Earl is entertaining and enjoyable but never have i actually laughed at the show...there all dumb, there's no real great characters or dialog, just some people your willing to kill some time with.

And scrubs? let me be the first to say I used to love love love this show when it was quirky and goofy but still had heart. Now it's a bad version of MASH, the show can't decide whether it wants to take something seriously or just be a clown episode. I mean the episode where Laverne dies!? and everyone is still making these really dumb gags about pooing and sex while someone they care about is 50 feet away dying? WTF thats less likeable than anything even on Arrested Development. Plus the characters are just dow right annoying, JD hasn't matured at all in fact he's more like a girl than before and less fun to watch. I love the old scrubs but I am not complaining at all if they cancel it. Sorry world but scrubs is the equivalent to the simpons these days.

watch the office and 30 rock and actually laugh again

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