Monday, October 20, 2008

Harry Potter...yyyyeeaahhhhh

My original attention for this post was to be about Jack White, but I just several seconds ago someone wearing a shirt that bore the following:
"Prisoner of Azkaban."

And my stomached literally turned.
I've never been one for many big social trends, I don't try to delibratley try and rally against them it's just I usually find something very fake about them. Everyone gets hip to Dane Cook, I run to the comfort of Mitch Hedberg, everyone calls Transformers far and away amazing, and I'm wondering what drug Hollywood slipped onto that screen, everyone buys into reality television I'm still trying to find a way to sue FOX for taking Arrested Development off the air. Than there's HP...I've read the first 4 books of this series and I read them hoping I'd find something interesting, or funny, or just good about these stories. And I can't, the characters seem dull and cliche', let's see a smart girl who no one seems to like, a best friend who is the biggest loser in the school, not to mention a redhead, a headmaster who is of course a very old man who seems to know how everything is going to play out but doesn't seem to ever do shit till it's too late, an arch nemesis who happens to be rich and BLONDE! perfect formula for most kinds of stories. What makes HP work however is that we've thrown them all into one big pot and we're calling it a masterpiece.
I call it boring, overlong, dribble, people who tell me they finished a Harry Potter book in 4 days is like telling me you just beat a handicapped kid in basketball, it's not an achievement it just means you don't like to be challenged. I know book taste is a matter of opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs, I know this won't change anyone's thoughts, in fact it'll probably just make me a few enemies, but I don't really care.
HP is not a special, complicated work, it's a long drawn out story, that frankly seems like it could have been resolved much quicker, it's just J.K. Rowling has developed a sixth sense how to make some good cash. I'm hoping we pass a law soon that for every HP book sold, they have to take a copy of Mark Twain, or James Joyce, or Agatha Christie with the buyer just so they realize what a real writer sounds like.
I'll say more at another time this is me pretty much getting out my emotions on a developing cult that will soon be surpassed only by Scientology.

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