Tuesday, December 30, 2008

25 Best Characters of Arrested Development

25. Franklin( Best Line: I don't want any of your tight ass country club you freak bitch!)
24. Bob Loblaw (I need to go home tonight and work on my law blog, the Bob Loblaw Law Blog)
23. White Power Bill ( White power!...after stabbing Gob)
22. Carl Weathers ( You get this bone throw in some carrots, potatoes, spices baby you got a stew!)
21. Maggie Lizer ( What is it justice? Is there some jackassss! in my bath rob?)
20. Steve Holt (Steve Holt!)
19. George Michael (Michael: My son expresses himself just fine right? George Michael: What? Yeah Thanks. Fine I guess. Whatever, I don't care, just stop!
18. Maeby ( Do you know where I can get one of those necklaces with the T on it... Michael: Thats a cross. Maeby: Across from where?)
17. Kitty ( I'm not gonna try and hurt you guys anymore. Just don't piss me off anymore...HA!)
16. Wayne Jarvis ( I was voted the worst participant Cirque Du Soleli ever had. I did not find there antics amusing)
15. Lucille 2 ( Your mother really has a way of getting my goat...Ha Ha)
14. Tony Wonder ( Daryl I told you to move that f&*^%$ chair ten times and clean the dumb waiter)
13. Little Justice ( Hey white power bill has dirty ears. Hey guys dirty ears Bill!)
12. Lindsey ( I have been dropping several hints as to my affection...WHY WON'T YOU F&*^ ME?)
11. Lucille (Michael: You'll have to find someone else to do your bidding. Lucille: There is no one else to do my bidding...)
10. The Literal Doctor (He'll be alright. Cause he's lost his left hand so he'll be all right.)
9. Barry Zuckercorn ( Thats why I wanna settle...I'm no super prepared.)
8. Annyong Bluth (Annyong)
7. Uncle Jack ( Up Dragon Up Dragon. Swoop Me!)
6. George Bluth ( Theres the Jewish notion of heaven and there's your belief in the ever cleansing power of the pipe.)
5. Michael ( Tell Gob I have a nice hard cot here waiting for him. Lucille: You'd do that to your own brother. Michael:...I said Cot!)
4. Tobias ( Even if it means me taking a chubby. I will suck it up!)
3. Narrator (No one was making fun of Andy Griffith. I can not stress that enough)
2. Buster ( Ha what a f&*^%$ baby)
1. GOB (Illusion Michael. A trick is something a whore does for money... or coccaine)

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