Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Best TV Shows of the Year

So usually I'm in major agreement with whatever the wonderful people over at Paste Magazine say. However, I find myself in direct disagreement with most of their list of the 10 best TV programs of the year. So I've decided to do what any college student with nothing but time on his hands and a blog would do, make my own! I was only able to come with 8 shows that I genuinely believed deserved to be mentioned. So here they are...

8. Brotherhood (Showtime)
Most people tend to categorize this as the Irish version of The Sopranos. While this may be true, i pose the question, why would you not want to watch that? The show is based around an Irish (extended) family in the fictional neighborhood of "The Hill" in Providence, Rhode Island. Brothers Tommy, Patrick "Paddy", and Michael Caffee. The three comprise a mini-mafia and show develops from there. The characters are marvelously written, and the show is passionate beyond belief. Season three started in the beginning of November, but i would highly recommend starting from the beginning.

7. Family Guy (Fox)
A show that certainly needs to introdution or back-story to anyone under thirty years of age, Family Guy has come back with a vengence this season. I would go so far as to say that this is the best season since it was cancelled back in 2003. My evidence, just watch "The Road to Germany" and you'll be back on board with the whole franchise.

6. Weeds (Showtime)
Although the third season wasn't nearly as compelling as the past two, I still very much enjoyed the run. Nancy and her family moved out of Agrestic, unfortunately, the majority of the supporting characters did not move with her. All in all though, the uninterrupted thirty minute run time does wonders for the flow. It allows a season to play out like a movie extended over weeks of time. If you've never seen it I'd highly recommend it. I mean what's not to love about a widow selling pot in her neighborhood to support her two kids after her husband dies?

5. Life on Mars (ABC)
I'm going to be the first to admit that the majority of the acting in this show is sub-par. However, Harvey Keitel delivers enough of a performance to make up for everyone else around him. And yes, it is a re-make of a UK show by the same name. The most redeeming quality of the show though, you actually feel like you're looking at New York City in 1973. From the costumes to the set designs to the plot lines, everything gels in perfection. So if you can get past Jason O'Mara not being the next Jimmy Stewart, you'll get a kick out of this one.

4. Primeval (BBC America)
Season 2 of Primeval was every bit as entertaining as season one was. It is the story of Nick Cutter, a professor of archeology and his crack team (Stephen the badass, Connor the thechie/super-nerd, and Abby the animal expert) traversing the UK and finding anomalies which are holes in our dimension that lead to other times in history. I would not recomend it to any of my non-nerd friends, but to all of my fellow nerds, this show is for you!

3. The Office (NBC)
Another show that needs no introduction or explanation. I have enjoyed this season so much, mostly for two reasons. One being the development and screen time that many of the minor characters have gotten this season (mostly my boy Andy Bernard!). And second, there has not been too much Michael Scott, and when he has been on, he hasn't been overbearingly annoying like in past seasons.

2. Sons of Anarchy (FX)
Now when I first saw a preview for this show I wanted to see it immediately. It takes a lot to have a great preview and then turn around and deliver a show that is equally as good, much less stay incredible for the duration of a season. So far the Sons has delivered. I don't want to classify it as a dramady, but that's almost what it is. It's the story of an outlaw biker gang and their external and internal struggles. Fantastically written, amazing characters, it really just keeps you glued to the set wondering what in the hell could possibly happen next.

1. Doctor Who (BBC America)
The Doctor!! Season Four!! Donna Noble!! Do I even need to say anything else? Oh yeah, best season finale in the history of television, I'll admit it, I cried.

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